GREEN ICE (Snow, Ice Dissolvent & Inhibitor) This product prevents and cleans ice covering above the vehicles and the ways that vehicles pass on heavy winter conditions in a very short time.
GREEN ICE (Snow, Ice Dissolvent & Inhibitor)
FURNITURE SOLVENT Safely used for cleaning the remaining parts on the dried glue pieces of furniture. It is used in the first chamber of the machine. It is applied to the top and bottom side of edge banded piece. The glue sticking to the furniture parts and prevents the overflowing outside.
DIAMOND (Concentrate Skin Cleansing Fluid) Healthy, concentrated cleaning liquid that makes perfect cleaning. Removes grease, ink, oil and other heavy contaminants without damaging the skin and protecting it.
DIAMOND (Concentrate Skin Cleansing Fluid)
AQUA-IN, S AQUA-IN, S Water-soluble degreaser
Water-based degreaser is used in the removal of contaminants such as ink, oil, grease from every kind of surfaces like metal, concrete, rubber, plastic rubber.
DISH-WASHER (Concentrated Dishwashing Liquid) Dish -Washer is a perfect cleaning product with strong cleaning power that can be used in cleaning of all kinds of glass, laboratory and kitchen utensils.
DISH-WASHER (Concentrated Dishwashing Liquid)
GREENHAND (Pearlescent Hand Soap) Softens your skin by means of its soft creamy foam, context of natural moisturizers and hydro-balancing system.
GREENHAND (Pearlescent Hand Soap)
LIME MIN (Lime Remover) It is an ideal product in cases where silicified residue, lime, chalk, mineral deposits, and many cleaning chemicals are inadequate. Effective in cleaning of concrete mortar from the concrete mixer.
LIME MIN (Lime Remover)
MITE (Wax-Tar Remover) A wax solvent and tar remover for oil holding on vertical surface, grease, that can be mixed with water. Cleans up stubborn stains, exhaust gas stains, oil grease and tar from surfaces that is hard to clean and hold to the vertical surfaces by sucking.
MITE (Wax-Tar Remover)
SOL-2 (Metal Degreaser) Used in the cleaning of unwanted oil on combs, needles, nerves and other metal parts in weaving loom and its maching at textile industry. Also it can be used safely in the cleaning of oil from these parts during manufacture in Automotive and Metal industries.
SOL-2 (Metal Degreaser)