DIAMOND N.C.(Heavy oil and grease removal fluid, pre – washing agent)

It is suitable for use in industrial grade and normal washing machines. It can be used safely on especially cleaning the tablecloths with food stains on them. Features: Destroys stubborn stains easily. It is economical. Application is easy. Effectively removes heavy grease and dirt.   Usage: With DIAMOND N.C. washing is done filling the pre-wash tank.. read more →

MURDER-2 ( Chlorine Based , Alkali, Foam Cleaning and Disinfection Product )

A concentrated liquid product that provides the cleaning and disinfection of open spaces, floors, appliances and equipment in food industry. Chlorine-based disinfectant Murder-2 can be safely used in all kinds of disinfection required in the food industry and deodorization applications. It is used for in the process of meat, poultry, fish industry in the bread.. read more →

MURDER ( Food Hygiene Product )

MURDER controls both gram positive and gram negative bacteria including Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Staphylococcus, Aureus, Salmonella Typhos. It provides hygienic surfaces in contact with foodstuffs.    Features: • Destroys bacteria that cause odor. • It can be used for cleaning and disinfection of all surfaces. • Due to its absorband and emulsifying properties it is suspending dirt, it prevents.. read more →

MEDİS AL-500 ( Alcohol Based Surface Hygiene Product )

Alcohol-based surface hygiene product that is used in all sectors which there should be hygienic cleaning. * Protects its power over a wide pH range. * When applied to the surfaces with infection even very dirty situation, makes the surface hygiene. * Odorless and does not leave residues in the environment since its volatile, *.. read more →