YARCOOL 300 (YS) – Semi-Synthetic Boron Oil

Semi-synthetic fluid for metal processing that is fortified with corrosion inhibitors, extreme pressure additives, antioxidants, many with strong bakterisit- fungicidal agents, the surface actives for use in all machining operations Key Features: *Forms a stable emulsion when mixed with water. *Due to the maximum of slipping properties, minimizes friction on the workpiece and cutting tool. *It.. read more →

TERMOCAR – Heat Transfer Oil Additive

Features; Pipes are clogged because of the sediments created by carbonization and carbon particles that appears in heat transfer oil. Thus, temperatures in the pipe system drops due to congestion. This product provides the opening of clogged pipes. Since it reduces the friction in the system, relaxation occurs in the cylinder gear and bearing so the electricity.. read more →