SPERAGUM: Cleaning and maintenance products for the rubber rollers of printing and offset, roller cleaner that is used on the exchange of paint over the rubber and rollers, it protects and extends the life of rollers at the same time. Opening texture and pore, it allows regeneration of elasticity. This is a very strong product.. read more →

ROLLER Solvent

ROLLER Solvent: A volatile solvent that is used in the change of rubber rollers in printing and offset industries. It is the most widely used solvent in digital printing machines. Safely extends the life of rubber rollers also protects and cleans it..   read more →

SOL-10 ( Dye Remover Solvent for Printing )

• An industrial solvent used as oil and ink remover in the metal and printing industry. • Releases desired rate of oil drops, it does not hurt to mold used in the printing industry. It can be safely used in the cleaning rollers. • It is not recommended for use in sensitive and flimsy plastic. •.. read more →