SOL-4 (Weaving Comb Cleaner)

• Used in the cleaning of unwanted fat from comb looms and machines and other metal parts in the textile industry. • Compared to the other solvent, it does not hurt the plastic parts of the loom and sensor. • Can be easily used for removal of grease and oil, • Late volatile solvent that.. read more →

SOL-2 ( Machine and Metal Degreasing Solvent )

• It is a secure solvent that is used in the cleaning of unwanted fat from weaving and carding machines, needles and other metal parts in textile industry. • In automotive and metal industry, used for cleaning the oil over the parts during manufacturing. • Although it is certainly a very strong degreaser, it is.. read more →

SOL-1 ( Textile Stain and Grease Remover )

•This solvents is particulaly prepared for the textile industry, garments and fabric manufacturers to assist with the problems they encounter like oil and stains. • It is extremely safe solvent. • It is absolutely non-flammable. • It is volatile. • It is practical to use and a good degreaser and highly volatile. Usage: Application is.. read more →