LIME-OUT (Lime, Limestone Remover and Deposits Remover)

Micron-grade chemical cleaning product that is breaking down rust, mineral deposits, limestone layer from cooling systems, heat exchanger units, water pipes, boilers. • Kireci sirkülasyon esnasında mikronize etme özelliğinden dolayı temizleme sırasında tıkanmalara yol açmaz. • Doesn’t harm any of metal pipes like copper, metal pipes or painted surfaces. • Used for cleaning the remains of.. read more →

GREEN-LON-B ( Water Softening Agent )

SU YUMUŞATMA MADDESİ • Anionic, colourless, clear liquid. • Corrector for permanent and temporary hardness of water, corrosion controling, chelating and dispersing. • Corrosion and level controling equipments on cold and filtered waters. • Exhibit the properties on binding heavy metal ions and complex formation. • It has got a boiling feature against normal crystallization. • It prevents.. read more →

GREEN C.W.T. (Organic Coolant Inhibitors)

GREEN C.W.T. ;  It is used to prevent corrosion and rust in the open and closed cooling system. Provides effective protection in the alkaline environment against change of the pH. It increases the lifetime of the system and lessens the maintenance. GREEN C.W.T. is used in the closed-circuit cooling water circuit. Keeps the dissolved oxygen in the water.. read more →

GREEN B.W.T. (Inhibitor for corrosion, rust and lime in boiler water)

Water entering with high temperature and pressure into steam boiler comprise salts of magnesium and calcium that results in appearance of lime over the metal surfaces. Such lime deposits caused by the accident in the overheating of the metal surface, chemical treatment is required in accident caused by metal deformation and fuel loss. You can apply.. read more →

LIME MIN 3 (Concentrated Mineral Residue Remover)

Lime Min-3; is an ideal product when cleaning chemicals are insufficient to clean petrified (silicified) wastes, lime, limestone, mineral deposits. In various branches of industry; water boilers, boiler cleaning of paint in silicified layers formed by puddles, cleaning of rust stains, in the glass industry It is the most effective product that can be used.. read more →