READY (Metal Surface Finisher Before Paint)

READY ( Surface Preparing for metals containing rust and oil ) Clears grease and rust from metal surfaces only  the metal in a process, coating the metal surface before eating the microscopic extent of surface paint, coating or prepares a protective oil to be applied. Before the painting process, metal surface must pass through a specific.. read more →

RUST CLEANER ( Intensive Rust Remover )

  • Removes all rust stains on the surface. • Instantly removes mineral deposits that occur in areas with accumulate water. • Used with 1/5 – 1/20 dilution. • Removes brightness of the surfaces in contact for a long time, it allows to obtain a matt surface. • Clean surfaces such as B.T.B. mosaic, perfectly. It.. read more →

RUST OUT ( Rust Remover and Lubricant )

It is a product that is used safely for solving loosen rust from stuck bolts, nuts, or other metal equipment, eliminating the problem of moisture, prevent corrosion and lubricating. Özellikleri: • Dissolves grease and oil. • Prevents corrosion. • Takes moisture away. • Effective for elimination of light rust. • Can be used safely with all.. read more →