REM OIL- 25 (Multi-purpose grease and dirt cleaning agent)

Key Features: • It’s an effective product for cleaning of heavy oil, plastics, rubber etc. residues over the grounds and epoxy grounds. • It is being used safely on surfaces like tiles, marble, tile, ceramic for degreasing. • The perfect fit and very comfortable with foam control for using with floor cleaning machines. • Pleasant odor... read more →

READY-2 (Surface Preparation for Oil Containing Metals)

READY-2, It’s being used for cleaning and making it ready for paint before painting metals like Ready. Basicly, its only used if there is only oil over the metal It deffinetely doesn’t have a feature of cleaning the rust. It makes the distinctive feature from Ready. Its alkaline characterized, unless it doesn’t have any feature.. read more →

OIL OUT – ( Concrete Floor Oil Purifier )

• In particular, it is being used for easily cleaning of surfaces like concrete, ceramic tiles, floor tiles, faience that is commited by oil over the time. • Because of special chemicals contained results are achieved easily without physical intervention. • It is being used in the concrete and mortar cleanup after construction. • It is a concentrated product... read more →

CAR ORANGE (Pleasantly scented, Oil and Dirt Remover)

CAR ORANGE : DIRT, OIL, GREASE, ADHESIVE, INK REMOVER A perfect cleaner that is used for cleaning and eliminating bad odors and for rirt remover in metal, glass and many plastic surfaces, equipment surfaces, ceramics, wood veneermetal. CAR ORANGE that undertakes heavy tasks is a concentrate and orange-scented product  that can remove a lot of dirt like oil,.. read more →

CAR-HEAVY (Burn Fat, Soot, Smut and Carbon Remover)

     CAR-HEAVY (Burn Fat, Soot, Smut and Carbon Remover) Areas of use: It is used in many branches of industry, including food sector. * In the in food sector It is used for cleaning burn fat, soot, smut, oven-pan smut cleaning in kitchens and also used in the removal of heavy oil at chicken slaughterhouses and wine.. read more →