FLORA(Pearlescent Liquid Hand Cleaner)

It is being used instead of soap that is non-economic and hygienic for public places and common usage. Reduce the risk of microbial growth. It has got a suitable pH value (pH: 5.5) for skin.Fragrant and economical. Usage 1-2 drops of the product is handled, lather and rinse with water. read more →

JASMİNE ( Hair Shampoo )

Hair Shampoo You can safely use in your bathroom. With proper pH and fragrant structure, it gives vitality to your hair. read more →

GREENHAND (Pearlescent Hand Soap)

Features: Softens your skin with its soft, creamy foam thanks to its natural moisturizing, hydro-balance system. • Prevents dryness, it is appropriate to skin’s pH. • Green-Hand has the same pH value of healthy skin because of that it makes skin to remain healthy and alive. • With its special formula that does not contain.. read more →

GREEN HAND-AL 500 ( Hand Hygiene Product )

It can be used safely in all spaces requiring hand hygiene like all companies with food production, the health sector, educational institutions, factories etc. Green Hand Hand Hygiene AL-500 provides protection from disease, germs like threats that is in the medium and transmitted to hands or skin. Green Hand AL-500 is allowing you to stay.. read more →

GREENHAND KÖPÜK ( Foam Hand Soap )

Liquid Hand Soap The natural moisturizers within the soft creamy foam, softens your skin. It prevents your skin from drying out. It is neutral to skin pH. Greenhand provides live and remain healthy skin because it has the same pH with a healthy skin. The specially formulated alkali-free soap cleans without irritating or dying the.. read more →