Natural ALC

ALCOHOL-BASED MULTIPURPOSE CONCENTRATED GENERAL CLEANING AGENT This is an alcohol-based multipurpose concentrated general cleaning agent. Can be used in all kinds of ground. Provides excellent cleaning on surfaces and because of the persistent odors, unpleasant steeped scent will be absorbed. Since alcohol-based, it is anti-bacterial and evaporates immediately. Especially prevents scratches on the granite surfaces. Does not require rinsing, cleans without leaving.. read more →

GLASS(Glass Cleaning Liquid)

Field of Use: It can be used on all surfaces that is easy to clean like glass surfaces, tables, chairs, computer cleaning. Amount of Use: 1 liter of product is added to 20 liters of water and cleaning is done with the help of a clean cloth by wiping method. read more →

GREEN ACTION(Perfumed Oxygen Based Liquid Bleach)

It is a very effective supporting washing product that removes stains from all colored and white washings and tulles with special formula. Suitable for industrial and domestic use. It can be used with all the main wash detergents.     BEFORE GREEN ACTİON                          .. read more →

GREEN BLEACH (Liquid Chlorine Bleaching)

It is only used in bleaching of laundry, cotton and linens after reconstitution. 1/40 rate should be used while dilution with water. It can not be used on silky and woolen clothes, rayon and leather. Must be stored in a cool environment. It should not be exposed to direct sunlight. read more →

GREEN SOFT ( Fabric Softener )

Usage: It is added to the last rinsing water in hand washing, fully or semi-automatic washing machine. Not rinsed again. Amount of Usage:  According to dry laundry: g / kg (use rate 1/5) Fields of Use: You can safely use it in all your clothes.In particular, gives natural softness to baby clothes, towels, bathrobes, blankets and.. read more →