ANTI FOG(Anti mist)

Product definition: Silicone-based, anti-fog. Application; CARE MADE- ANTI FOG should be applied to the glass like the windshield of the car and the motorcycle helmet visors that is exposed to to mist to prevent condensation forming. View: Clear Liquid Usage: CARE MADE- ANTI FOG (Anti mist) shouldn’t be diluted with any solvent and must be used.. read more →

AUTO GLASS WATER – (Summer + Winter)

Özellikleri: Auto Glass water, is added to the wiper water tanks of vehicles. It effectively rapidly cleans lime, soot, dirt and insect residues formed in the glass. It is a concentrated product and thanks to its special formula it prevents wiper water from freezing even in cold weather conditions and provides visibility and safer driving... read more →

CARE MADE- OFFENSIVE ( Silane / Siloxane Based Water and Oil Repellent )

Product Description Water and oil repellency in thinned form of silane / siloxane and synthetic resin mixture with solvent. General Features: 1. Excellent surface penetration ability. 2. Fast creation of water and oil (dirt) repellent feature effect. 3. High water vapor permeability and inhalation capabilities. Fields of Use: Diluted CARE MADE – OFFENSIVE is used with.. read more →


AUTO AIR CONDITIONER It leaves a long lasting pleasant fragrance and freshnessin the car. Eliminates bad odors, cigarette odors, all kinds of smell inside the car. There are 6 types of odors. 50 pieces are available in a package. read more →

Car Made Leather Care (Leather Care Product)

Silicon-Based Leather Care Product General Features It gives a special softness to the leather. Makes a slippery and a live view. Fields of Use CAR MADE LEATHER CARE, used as leather care products for all types. Due to the nature of the active substance makes leathers especially soft, slippery and live. Usage: CAR MADE LEATHER.. read more →