DISH – WASHER (N) (Industrial hand dishwashing product)

DISH – WASHER (N) is a perfect cleaning agent with premium cleaning power that you can be used safely and healthy while cleaning every kind of glass, labratory and utensils. Features: • Leaves no trace easily rinsed. Shorten the washing time. • Erase does not require scrubbing. • The concentrate is economical. • It is.. read more →

DISHMADE(Dishwashing Detergent)

Simply add a teaspoon of Dishmade Dishwashing Detergent to the swill Thanks to its neutral pH formula Dishmade Dishwashing Detergent  makes your dishes sparkling but does not harm the natural texture of your hands. Chemical Structure           : It contains % 10 – 20 Anionic active agent, < %5 Non-ionic active.. read more →

DISH-WASHER (Concentrated Dishwashing Liquid)

Dish-Washer is an excellent cleaning products with superior cleaning power that you can use safely and healthy on all kinds of glass, and the cleaning of laboratory utensils. It includes a high proportion of the active ingredient. • It does not leave residue or trace. • It gives a perfect shine. • May even have.. read more →