BAT- CLEAN(Tap – Armature Clearner)

In particular, a cleaning agent that is fomulated for nickel-plated faucets and tap’s cleaning located in the bath and sink, cleaning lime etc. residues formed over these armatures and taps without damaging the surface and providing hygiene due to the antibacterial properties. Usage: It can be used as direct spraying and removal. Packaging: 30 Kg in a plastic.. read more →

CREAM (Mineral Scrub Agent)

It easy cleans most stubborn stains found in washbasins, bathtubs,oven stove and all the dirty surfaces with micro-particles in the formula. It can be used safely for cleaning remnants of soap in the bath and sink and dried oil in the kitchen. read more →

OCEAN ( Disinfectant Toilet and Sink Cleaner )

OCEAN is a strong germicidal disinfectant that doesn’t allow lime, stench and germination take place and clean them. Keeps toilets and sinks healthy and clear. • Ocean destroys unwanted stains, odors and residues from bathrooms, toilets, urinals. • Used on enamel, ceramic and porcelain. • Disinfectants feature creates the desired environment healthy and clean. • Eliminates.. read more →