DIAMOND (Concentrate Skin Cleansing Fluid)

DiamondPerfectly removes grease, ink, oil, and other dense contaminants without damaging the skin and and preserving healthy skin, perfect cleaning direct use concentrated cleaning liquid.

* Does not contain caustic, acid, ammonia or solvent.
* Contains lanolin and it protects the skin that cracks and goes to bepant of continuous use.
* Non-irritating.
* Foam is controlled, does not foam more, because of this feature it saves rinse water.
* Quickly makes cleaning, saving you time.
* It is economical, the minimum amount is sufficient to dismantle all the available oil. To remove oil from the market the same type of soap should do the same process 2-3 times.
* All are used in personal hygiene, cleaning their hands after work, so not only used in the shower.
* Pleasant odor.

Diamond Diamond

It is put into the liquid soap dispenser by dilution with water while dealing with heavy oil business; between 1/4 and 1/3, businesses dealing with light oil; between ¼ to 1/7 and between 1/7 and 1/9 when cleaning the body. Diluted DIAMOND should be taken in between hands and rubbed without water with amount of 1 to 3 mililitres and rise with water. Attention not to keep directly into the water by the time of handling the product.