Our company is perpetuating its activity in a modern facility in İstanbul / Tuzla with experienced and specialized chemistry engineers, chemists and production staff that every member has “Chemical Technology Process Training”, developing environmentally friendly environment-enhancing products with the needs of developments in our sector with the responsibility for future generations.

YAR-KİM‘s main goal is solving our customers problems rather than selling them products. Becoming Solution Partner in other words. When we started to manufacture these products, many company had to solve their problems with foreigner companies abroad. Estublishing domestic products logic in Turkey, became profitable for both companies and our country.  We changed the logic of imported products with products produced locally. We pride ourselves with this.

In line with this policy, we are in the need of developing our products with the requests of our customers, we take this as a debt to our country.

YAR-KİM consolidated its quality with: “ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management System Certificate” and ” ISO 14001:2004 Environmental Management System Certificate


YAR-KİM began producing Industrial Cleaning and Maintenance Chemicals on contract manufacturing for various companies in 1994 and in order to reach directly to the user estublished our own sales team in 1997.

YAR-KİM‘s policy is always producing the better and making it available to our customers. In a period of 10 years, it has increased its product range to 150, therefore added Turkey’s most exclusive companies to its portfolio.

YAR-KİM is serving to nearly 14,000 customer on our portfolio with 80 conscious and trained sales consultants, today.


Being a company that develops products which are appropriate to the changing needs of our customers and the industry in world-class, environmentally friendly environment-enhancing and adding value to our employees, customers and to the land.


Keeping our consistently high quality mouldings available, while maintaining our position in the industry, overtop permanent advantages, becoming Turkey’s lead Maintenance Chemicals Manufacturer.


General Manager

Chemistry Engineer