MITE (Wax-Tar Remover)



Miscible, holds on the vertical surfaces, oil, grease, wax solvent and tar remover. It cleans stubborn stains, exhaust stains, grease, tar from surfaces that is hard to clean by clinging to vertical surface and suction. The concentrated product so it is diluted with water in the ratio 1/1 and 1/15. To dilute our product in the best way, firstly add 1 unit of MITE to 1 unit of water to be mixed thoroughly, according to our needs, extra water can be added.

Removal of stubborn fat, soot and smuts,grease which is clinging to vertical surfaces is only possible with a product that can cling to vertical surfaces. Beside MITE’s clinging feature, as another feature it  comes down with the oil it removed. It will not go down without removing the oil.

Fields of Use: Because of using safely on the many kinds of surfaces our product’s name became “Aspirin” as its nickname.

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* In textile industry, it is used for cleaning of outer layer and the surface cleaning of delicate painted machine and the viscous oil layer which is caused by cotton, fiber, fat and heat in thread portions and serpentine portion of the ventilation duct..

* Removes oil, soot, smut and wax from places where production occurred in vertical surface in all kinds of factories.

* In Several areas its is used for machine maintenance and cleaning of the old printing press and plastic injection machines,,

* It is used for removal of sticky tar stains such as bodywork sticky pitch and cleaning of car engines.