SOL-2 ( Machine and Metal Degreasing Solvent )

yag sökücü solvent

• It is a secure solvent that is used in the cleaning of unwanted fat from weaving and carding machines, needles and other metal parts in textile industry.
• In automotive and metal industry, used for cleaning the oil over the parts during manufacturing.
• Although it is certainly a very strong degreaser, it is a non-flammable solvent.
• A volatile solvent.
• Definitely does not leave residue and sediment.
• Dip-sprayed and applied in a closed circuit system.

yaglı metal  temiz metal

Caution :

Protect “Sol-2” from oxidizing agents, heat, cold.
Do not inhale the vapors, ingestion, avoid contact with skin.
Use protective equipment (goggles, gloves, apron) if necessary.
In case of skin contact, rinse with plenty of water.